Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tarnished Silver

Last weekend I went to my mom's house. While I was there she handed me a box and inside that box was my grandparent's 25th anniversary silver tea set. They celebrated their 25th anniversary in 1979. As you can imagine this tea set is tarnished. But my mom was kind enough to also put in the stuff to clean the silver with. So my project for the last few days has been to clean the silver. This set is really beautiful. As I sit there and I am gently wiping away the tarnish a thought comes into my head....we are like silver. When we first enter into this world we are new, shiny and beautiful but as the years go by and life wears us down we begin to become hidden behind all the tarnish of this is when Jesus picks us up and gently begins to wipe away all the grime that you can start once again to see your true beauty. But even that has it's price. As Jesus wipes away your grime it began to be put on Him. That is why He had to die on the pay for the grime of this evil world. Now He gets to gently clean you and I off and we can once again shine....

I will post pictures of the tea set when I am finished.

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  1. We should all be grateful and feel peace in this because without Him, we wouldn't be. :) Even though it is a long road with many potholes He always finds a way to get us through.