Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cable has got to go!!

I have decided to follow an experiment...wanna join me? I would love to hear how this effects you too if you decide to do it!!

Today my husband and I discussed it and cable has got to go! It was a good friend at first...keeping you company late nights. Making you laugh, cry, or some times just educate you....but lately cable has begun to be a parasite. It saps the life right from you. Hours that you could spend laughing with, crying with or educating your loved ones around you has been lost. Time that could have been spent outside discovering wonders around you is forever gone. Not to mention the money that you shelled out to for that friend cable is gone. Oh sure you had some great times. Mind numbing times to be exact. Not to mention the influence it has on your children. Teaching them great things like how to be a "mean" girl. Or how to be sneaky and mischievous. Not to mention on the clothing fads that it impresses on them or the MUST have it's right now!! OR I AM GOING TO DIE MOM!!!! Oh the memories that we made together.

So we are saying goodbye to the friend.....errr....parasite...
I am excited about the new adventure to come. The possibilities that are going to come. Time enough to do that scrapbooking that has been plaguing me since my children were born. Really sitting down and listening to what those around me have to say. Or just getting off the couch and taking a walk.

I challenge you to try this with me! I would love to hear how you handle the situation. If you have kids what are their reactions? Have you done things you do not normally do? Has it saved you money?

So are you up for the challenge? Mine starts today. Even though we have not canceled the cable husband needs to call..I refuse to let that friend walk back into my door.