Monday, July 26, 2010

All things Considered

First off I want to give an update on my mom. She went to the doctor today. They ran a camera up her leg to look at her heart. She was extremely nervous! No doubt....but they found out that her large arteries are in excellent shape. Her small arteries are running sluggishly as they put it. So she needs to be on medication for awhile. That is wonderful news. Praise God!! As some have said my mom will probably out live the rest of us. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her.
This past weekend we went to Winnemucca. For those of you who do not know my whole family is there. My dad lives a couple blocks away from my mom. My favorite Uncle lives a couple blocks in the other direction. We do not go there near as much as I would like but when we do go we try to make it matter. The first stop that we made was at my mom's house. She had put up a pool this year and as we were visiting she asks the girls if they want to swim. Of course!! They grabbed our car keys and took off for the trunk where their clothes you see where this is going? Well they come in and have their clothes. Daddy asks "Where are the keys?" My oldest daughter says "Oh I think we shut them in the trunk but don't worry the car is unlocked." Ok are you with me now on how this is going to go? Lol!! So I calmly walk out there and pull on the car such love. I let out a little "ohhh you have got to be kidding me!" as my husband walks up behind me. Well here we go...time to be McGyver and figure out how to get into that car. So we get a piece of wood and make a wedge. Grab a hammer, a coat hanger and off my husband went. I followed for moral support. So we get the door jam cracked open and think this will be over in no time....well it was not. My husband tried that for awhile and then he goes back into the house and get 2 half dollar coins, puts them on the end of the wire hanger, wraps them in duck tape plus puts a little eraser on the tip to act as a finger tip and off we go again. Me trailing behind for moral support.....did I mention that it is about 100 degrees outside and we are parked in the blazing heat. My wonderful husband goes at this for 2 hours straight. I asked my mom if my step dad had a slim jim. She said well somewhere in his shop. After 2 hours of my husband getting really close with the wire hanger she calls my dad and finds out where the tools are. 2 minutes later the car is open! After a lot of jumping up and down, I realized that my mom could have done that sooner. I look over at her and she looks like the cat that ate the canary. With this big grin she says "well at least you got to spend a couple hours here this time!" Uggg! If I did not love that woman so much she would have been in big trouble! But the most amazing thing in all of this was my husband and I did not snap once at each other. Well he snapped once...he told me to sssshhhhhh! When I was telling him your getting close, oh you almost had it that time or a little to the left a little to the right! Like I said It was there for moral support! But all things considered it went well :)
I did get me to thinking about how life just throws things at you all the time. It can be as simple as keys locked in a car or as nerve wracking as your mother having heart problems. But you can handle them all in the same way. With patience. No need to get excited, no need to argue, just take it one idea, thought, or pray at a time.
Have a great week everyone I will be on later. Time to walk the dogs!

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