Saturday, September 11, 2010

Many Apologies!!

I have figured out that I am terrible at this post thing! I will try harder I promise. As many of you know that life of a working mom is hectic....actually the life of ANY mom is hectic!! But I vow to do better!!

Last week I got my business license and my tax id! So excited. It now seems so official....I am also very nervous and scared. But life without challenges is not the life I want to lead. I want to be a good role model for my children. I want them to look back and say "Wow, mom chased her dreams....I want to chase mine too!"

This morning I was up at 5am to go and take pictures for a job that I am to have completed in October. I want to please the client soooo bad!! LOL! I am also embarking on doing school pictures. I cannot wait to get my business cards so I can start handing them out.

My wonderful husband also started school this last month! He is studying to be an areonautical engineer! I am very proud of him!! He has already completed two of his courses and has gotten A's. Go Honey!

So as you can see life has been crazy but finally it seems like a good crazy. I was told by someone that life's turmoil is not meant to drag you down they are meant to strengthen your convictions! I truly believe in those words. When you are down the only way to go is up!! Life is worth that climb and all the peanut butter and jelly days you can have!! ( I will explain that in another post!!) Gotta go life is calling...(it sounds a lot like my 9year old!!)

Have an amazing adventure today!

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